Antler Planters, Antler Vases and Outdoor Antler Decor

Antlers Go Back Outdoors
The Antler Art and Antler Decor originals on this page find themselves breathing the fresh air outdoors once more.  Shed  deer antlers take on new forms and life as Antler Terra Cotta Planters and Deck Planters, Antler Vases and Candle Holders, Antler Birdfeeders, Antler Wind Chimes, and Antler Mobiles.   They are constructed for lasting durability, but expect them to age gracefully... and if you feel so inclined, you can bring them indoors to bring life to a corner.

Hanging Antler Terra Cotta Planters
Antler and Terra Cotta, two completely different elements are brought together. The natural strength and beauty of antlers are assembled to create a strong supporting structure for the terra cotta to rest level.  The whitetail antlers are double pinned/fastened at each connection to prevent them from rotating against each other, creating a "antler basket" that will keep its shape even with the terra cotta vessel removed.  Just add potting soil, some hanging vines, flowers, or just set in a potted plant... these are incredible gifts for yourself and for others... and will be a beautiful daily reminder of your thoughtfulness... they are soo beautiful.

  6.5" Hanging Antler Terra Cotta Planter    6.5" top side view    6.5" Underside view
6.5" Antler Terra Cotta Planter            top side view                                    view from below

6.5" Antler Terra Cotta Hanging Planter - $150.00
Whitetail Antlers with New hardware
6.5" Terra Cotta Planter made in US
overall approx. 25" Tall x 9" Wide
Hanger Screw Hook is included
*See Information Notes Below

  11.25" Hanging Antler Terra Cotta Planter    11.25" top side view    Bottom Viiew
  11.25" Antler Terra Cotta Planter         top side view                                                  view from below

11.25" Antler Terra Cotta Hanging Planter - $225.00
Whitetail Antlers with New hardware
11.25" Terra Cotta Planter made in Italy
overall approx. 32" Tall x 14" Wide
Hanger Screw Hook is included

*See Information Notes Below
Stainless steel hardwire are handmade and secure through the antlerMore about our Antler Terra Cotta Hanging Planters
We care about our Customers, and safety is a shared concern.  These hanging planters were designed and built to be in the elements outdoors as well as to support the constant load.  The hardware we selected exceed the load ratings needed.  NO Screw Eyes were used in the antler because they can fail and pull out under the constant load over time outdoors.  Instead, stainless steel hardwire rated at 220lbs were made into eyelets, they run completely through the antler, loop around and are permanently secured; virtually eliminating any possibility of pull out failure, they will outlast the antler.  Antlers are double pinned together to prevent rotation or loosening.  These planters have been built with utmost care for safety and to last, but antler is a natural element that will degrade exposed to the elements and also has points that could injure... it is therefore prudent to hang them in a safe place.  Check the supporting hook or nail, it is better to install the hook in the side of a beam so most of the load is carried "on the hook,"  Not from underneath the beam where the load would be pulling straight down and possibly pulling out.  The condition of the planter should also be inspected periodically as it ages...while you are watering your beautiful plant.  We have no doubt that you and yours will enjoy these Antler Terra Cotta Hanging Planters for a long time... we have received great feedback, thank you so much.

Antler Vases and Antler Candle Holders
On a cold night, sitting near a candle, I warmed my hands by encircling the candle...and I got an idea...about antlers (of course).  This is the finished result, Antler Surrounds, beautiful whitetail antlers locked together in a dramatic upright pose surrounding various size and style vases and candle holders.  The antlers are double dowel pinned and bonded together for strength and are free standing.  The Antler Surrounds can be used with other vessels or items of choice to add some antler drama.  I offer three sizes, they reflect antler size and area footprint.  The antler vases and antler candle holders are sold as a set with the antler surrounds; The antler surrounds (6 points or more) can also be purchased separately by size.  All antler surrounds are made from select antler, and selected for size and design style and will be similar to those pictured, as no two antlers are the same.  Available glass vessels are limited, some just one available so choices will change as they are sold.  Check back later to see new ones.

  Small Suirround 2   small - wavy w/Candle   small - Wavy close up  
Small Antler Surround with Wavy Glass Candle Holder (candle is 4" tall x 3" wide, not inc.)

  small - Blue Crackle no light   small - Blue Colored Crackle   Blue Crackle with light close
   Small Antler Surround with Blue Colored Stained Glass Candle Holder

Small Antler Surrounds - Approximately 9 - 10" long x 6 - 8" wide and 7" tall. $82.50 Antler Surround Only

Small Antler Surround Sets Available:  (update daily, new and limited, when they are gone they're gone)
Wavy Glass Candle Holder - 4.5" wide x 6" tall.  $88.50 for Set
Blue Colored Stained Glass Candle Holder - 4" wide x 4.5" tall.  $88.50 for Set
Small Antler Surrounds

  med surround    small - Amber Crackle   med amber crackle   amber crackle close
Medium Antler Surround with Amber Crackle Glass Candle Holder

  Medium Surround 1   med Owl Vase   med Owl Vase
Medium Antler Surround with Owl Glass Flower Vase

  Glass Flower Vase   Glass Flower Vase
Medium Antler Surround with Glass Flower Vase
Medium Antler Surrounds - approximately 10 - 12" long x 8 - 10.5" wide x 7 - 9" tall - $90.50 Antler Only

Medium Antler Surround Sets Available:  (update daily, new and limited, when they are gone they're gone)
Amber Crackle Glass Candle Holder - 5.25" wide x 6" tall.  $98.50 for Set
Glass Owl Flower Vase - 5.50" wide x 8" tall.  $114.50 for Set
Clear Glass Flower Vase - 5" wide x 9.5" tall.  $100.00 for Set
Medium Antler Surrounds
Large Antler Surrounds - approximately 12 - 14" long x 9 - 12" wide x 9 - 12" tall - $115.50 Antler Only



This Page is a work in progress - I will show these available items when I can, with pictures and descriptions.  Please stop by again to check for these updates or to see if the page has been finished.  Thank you.  You can email me if you wish to discuss something here