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 Standard Threaded Insert and Custom Made Solid Hardened Brass Threaded Posts   Handles, Pulls and Lamp Finial   Basket of Beam Handles   Polished Crown Pull   3 Tine - matched set/pair           
My quest to make the finest Antler Hardware led me on a path to make components not available, like hardened brass threaded posts.  I tested prototype designs and methods to control post centers and tolerances... and this work has paid off (read more about this at the bottom of this page).  I believe I now offer the best antler hardware to rival any on the market today.  Easy to install and remove, quality that will hold up beautifully to daily use throughout the years.
I offer many unique antler handles, antler pulls and antler knobs in different species as well... take your time, and contact me if you have any questions or requests, I'd be glad to help.  
I would be honored to be a part of your home or project, feel free to contact me
Deer Antler Crown Pulls / Knobs - Made from quality deer antlers, brass threaded insert are installed/bonded in the antler base so a #8-32 cabinet grade screw can be used (No screws into raw bone that can strip, fail, and pull out).  The antler crowns can be left as natural shed or smoothed and polished.  Polished crowns can also be Enhanced/Antiqued (see below).  The base is truly flat as glass, for a perfect edge tight mating surface to the cabinet... beautifully finished and easy to install. 
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* Note: Antler Crowns are measured (approx.) across the widest point of the crown, they are created by nature so variations are the charm.

Shed Crown Pull  Polished Crown Pull     enhanced crown    Polished Crown Pull side w/screw
 Natural Shed Crown            Polished Crown                    Enhanced Crown                  #8-32 Screw Threaded
Select the Deer Crown Size - Use Arrow
Shed or Polished
Enhanced/Antiqued - A formula that darkens the antler crown as well as bring out the graining, any micro fractures and marbling within the pedicle (white round center)... character that, for the most part, would be unseen if simply polished.  Variations in character unique to each crown will occur.  If you enjoy the aged patina look while still having the smooth finish, this step will bring it.  This treatment can be added to crown pulls and any handles that have crowns.  Add .50 cents additional per Antler Crown.

   enhanced crown
    Crown with Enhanced/Antiqued Treatment
Enhance/Antique Treatment

Install/add Brass Post to any Crown Pull
-  I can make the antler crown pulls/knobs to match the look and toughness of the Antler Handles with brass posts.  I finish the crowns into uniform thick discs and set brass posts into them.  After you select the style antler crown pull/knob from the above menu, just add the quantity you wish posted with brass posts.

   Shed Crown   Shed Crown w/ Brass Post   Polished Crown on Brass Post
    Whitetail Shed Crown Pull/Knob with Brass Post          Polished Crown Pull w/ Brass Post
Install Brass Post
NEW Designer Antler Hardware
Antlers are created by Nature, no two are the same.  In making quality antler hardware attention to tolerances and details are repeated.  Custom made hardened solid brass posts are joined with antler and has made many unique designs possible; and they will hold up to daily use and time.  They are permanent posts, with parallel centers and a level mounting plane.  Hardened brass was selected for durability and threading hardness, in pull out tests the screw broke before the screw stripped the threading in the post.  These posts will not rust or deteriorate, will age to a warm patina, and does not detract from the antlers beauty.  The antler is supported rock solid, and so easy to install.  Below are some of my popular designs, email me if you're looking for something else, chances are that I can make it happen.
Shipping is Free for Hardware Orders over $200.00 in the US

  Threaded hardened brass posts and pull/knob Insert
   Standard Threaded Insert and Custom Made Solid Hardened Brass Threaded Posts   Brass Posts installed in Elk Crown/Brow Tine Handles   Demonstrating consistent  Brass Post centers/tolerance
   Solid Brass Posts w/ #8-32 Standard Threaded Insert            Brass Posts in Elk Handles     Antler Handles, Demonstrate Tolerances

Antler Beam Handles -
These antler beam handles are cut from the brown textured beam section just above the crown from select Whitetail and Mule deer shed antlers.  Any brow tines are removed, all cuts are finished smooth as glass, and brass posts are 3" on center... great antler drawer pulls or cabinet handles.

   5" Beam Handle   Brass posts 3" on center
   4-1/2" Antler Beam Handle mounted and showing Posts and Screws
Deer Antler Beam Handles
Antler Beam Pulls
- They are cut from the colored and textured beam part of the deer antler, they can also be cut from the smoother section of beam.  These pulls/knobs are set with a brass post and are a perfect choice if you are wanting antler knobs that will match a style of antler handles... or installed by themselves, they are also a great choice for a stand alone antler pull.  Available in Whitetail, Mule or Elk... they are very solid, and again, these can be made from any specie... send me an email if you are interested in something else.

Beam Pull   Beam Pull top

   Whitetail Beam Pull, beam 1-1/2" long x 1" thick.
Antler Beam Pulls

Antler Drawer Pulls
- Cut from smooth antler sections or large antler tines/points from Whitetail or Mule deer.  These are naturally smooth to the touch, typically lighter in color, and straighter than the main beam... these Antler Drawer Pulls are charmed with the character that comes with real antler, so go on and dress that dresser, or cabinet, or...

   4-1/2" Tine Handles   Tine Handles
   Top and Front views, Whitetail or Mule Deer Antler Drawer Pulls, posts 3" on center
Antler Drawer Pulls

Deer Crown & Beam HandlesDeer crowns are the gems, and t
hese beautiful antler crowns are left on their beams to become very impressive antler handles.  The shed crowns can be left natural or shaped and polished to a luster.  A range of crown and antler beam sizes are available; 'small' size handles are sleeker with beams less than 3/4" diameter, and 'medium' handles are 3/4" up to an inch thick, posts are 3" on center.  They look great mounted vertical or horizontal, and come 'left and right'... soo beautiful, these are sure to grab everyone's attention.
* Medium Crown and Beam Handles can be used for closet door handles

   5" whitetail sleek polished crown and beam handles    Polished crown view of crown and beam handle   6in crown and beam handle   side view of crown and handle
    5" small, Polished Crown and Beam Handles      6" medium, Polished Antler Crown and Beam Handle, 'Left' Shown
Sm Crown and Beam Handles
"Left" or "Right"
Shed or Polished
Med Crown and Beam Handles
"Left" or "Right"
Shed or Polished

Whitetail Branch Handles
- The tines/points are trimmed along the beam, leaving a "trimmed branch" look.  This gives the antler handle a more dimensional look and feel, and the natural curve makes it a perfect antler handle... these are very popular, come in a choice of sizes,  and I have several styles to choose... single tine (posts 3" oc), double tine (posts 3" oc), and triple tine branch handles (posts 5" oc)... note there are Branch Knobs that match these handles.

   Branch Handles and Pulls   Branch Handle and Knobs back view             4.5" 6" 8" Branch handles   Branch Handle back and top view
   6" dbl, 4-1/2" single and double Branch Handle                  4-1/2" single & dbl, 6" dbl, 8" dbl and top
   with 1-1/2" and 2" Branch Knobs                                       rear view of a 4-1/2" Branch Handle
Single Branch Handles
Double Branch Handles
Triple Branch Handles
* Branch Handle sizes are consistent to the the antler used, i.e. the 4" are cut from small antler, while the 9" are from very large antlers.  Matched sets may be the actual set or similar... even actual sets have differences as no two antlers are the same

Branch Knobs
- These antler branch knobs match the branch handles and are a perfect compliment.  These antler knobs, because of where they are cut from, create a pleasing natural design style that's very unique... They are also a great used by themselves for drawers and doors.

   2" Branch Pull  Branch Pull post
   Whitetail 2" Branch Knob/Pull
Branch Knobs
Whitetail 3 Tine Handles
- Nothing speaks "Antlers" like the sight of antler tines from its beam.  These 3 Tine handles show this off for those that want a more dramatic antler hardware.  The antler beam is 6" across and at each end they are faced to mount/finish flush against the cabinet.  The depth varies depending on tine lengths but average is 5" in this size antler.  The 1-1/2" long brass posts run through the beam and are exposed to the front.  The posts are all the same height for uniformity, and are 3" on center.  Note: whether mounted horizontal or vertical, they naturally come 'left' or 'right'... "sets" are available, and are hand selected for likeness.

   Whitetail 3 Tine Handle - left      3 Tine Order - 1 right, 4 lefts   3 Tine - matched set/pair
   1) Mounted vertical, left  2) Horizontal, right  3) Group of 3 Tine, (1) right, (4) lefts  4) a Matched set (similar)
Whitetail 3 Tine Handles
Left or Right

Deer Tine Tip Pulls
- 3" tip section off large deer tines.  These antler pulls match 3 Tine handles, the brass post extends 'through' the tine.  Cut end is finished, beveled and polished. Tine is suspended, curving inward.
Tine Tip Pulls

Red Deer Stag Handles
(European Deer) an exotic specie of large deer, very large like elk.  These are 5" long and average 3/4" to an inch thick, posted 3" oc... from smaller Red Deer antler beams, fairly straight, and cut above the crown.  They are Nice, with a darker color and a wonderful ribbed texture similar to Axis Deer... these will surely set off any cabinet or project with its unique straight beam, texture and great color.

   5" Red Stag Handles   5" Red Stag beam handles, side view
   Red Stag Beam Handles front and top view
Red Stag Beam Handles

Elk Tine Handles
Made from beautiful fresh Elk Brow Tines, and can mounted horizontal or vertical... perfect for big drawers, also doors like closets and screen doors.  8" Handles are posted 3" oc, while the 9" at 4" oc.  Nice color, texture, and mass, making these perfect for those handles that need a bigger spirit.  Eye catching and pleasing... grab a solid hold of these. 
Note - 9" handle has more Mass/diameter than the 8" size brow tine

   Elk Handle close-up of brass posts   8" Elk Tine Handles  
8" Elk Brow Tine Handles (4ea 'lefts' shown)
Elk Tine Handles
Left or Right

Elk Tine Knobs
Made from cut select sections from the elk tine, these Antler Knobs look great alone as a set or to compliment alongside the Elk Tine Handles.  The face is finished flat and glass smooth, a window to the core, like the life rings of a tree...a solid brass post is set flush and concealed into the base, a standard threaded insert would surely fail/pull-out here over time  ... a solid Elk takeover...

   Elk Tine Knob front   Elk Tine Knob side
   Elk Tine Knob 1-1/2" long x 1-1/4" wide, very slight taper to created more taper than actual
Elk Tine Knobs

8" Whitetail King Handles - Sometimes called the crown tine, these are cut from the tips at the end of extra large antlers, the fork tine is trimmed (or left if it short). Large antlers are needed to get this length and to have enough mass in the diameter to make a good handles.  Perfect antler door handle for gun cabinets, or larger antler drawer handle, etc... handles can be mounted vertical or horizontal.  Brass Posts 3" oc, and come left and right.

   8" Whitetail King Handles
 8" King Handles (3 Lefts shown), they appear whiter than they really are, although they are lighter than the main beam
Whitetail King Handles
Left or Right

All Deer Antler Handles -
These antler handles are pretty, precision joinery of antler posts and beam... The antler posts are set into the antler beam like the brass posts.  Brass threaded inserts are installed/unseen in the antler posts, and are 3" on center.  These are a labor of love to make right, and constructed to last... they are "all antler" design winners.
All Deer Antler Handles

Whole Antler Handles
I don't think any antler handle can be "more antler" than using the whole antler.  Various sizes are available, the smaller ones can be done like regular antler beam handles, brass posted from behind; but when they get around 6" or more they need to be "posted through"... like the 3 Tine Handles.  The Antler Tines are trimmed if needed to lower its profile to a more functional height.

These whole antler handles are complete as Nature created them, elegant and the choice for those who wish all of nature brought indoors.  Crowns can be left as natural sheds or polished, post centers are 3".  Whitetail, Mule, and Roe deer are listed and priced below...

   6in whole antler  whole antler side  6.5" Whole Roe Handle   Roe Handle side
   Whole Whitetail Antler Handle           Whole Roe Deer Antler Handle
Whole Antler Handles
Left or Right

Exotic Species Antler Hardware -
  They include Axis, Sika, Sambar, Rusa, Red deer, Roe, and Fallow deer and they make some of the most beautiful and unique antler cabinet hardware.  Many of these species are loved by knife makers for their texture, color, weight, and dense ivory-like interior.  Some of these make great choices for longer handles because of their long and straighter graceful curve, as opposed to whitetail that have a sharp curved shape.  Others are just plain exotic and their uniqueness makes all the difference... if you are interested in using exotic antlers, send me an email

Crown and Brow Tine Handles
These antler handles are designed from antlers that have nice brow tine close to the crown.  Big handles need strong, beefy support (not small threaded insert) to cope with the stresses a large handle generates.  Deep solid brass posts with a large bonding surface and use larger screws insures they will hold up to the daily forces... I don't know, or have seen a better way.  Crowns can be be left as natural shed or smoothed and polished.  Two brass posts/screws for larger handles, and single post/fastener for smaller handles.  If you need a matched set email for availability

   6.5 & 4.5in whitetail crown and browtine handles  5.5" and 6" Sika Handle - Single brass post  5.5" Sika and 12" Elk   5.5",6" Sika & 11", 12" Elk
Whitetail 6.5" & 4.5"    Single post set into Sika Deer            Elk w/2 posts & small Sika w/single   Mounted Side View
Whitetail Crown/Brow Tine Handles
Shed or Polished Crown
Elk Crown and Brow Tine Handles
Shed or Polished Crown

Double Door and Large Refrigerator Antler Door Handles -
...Double doors... Bam...
Large Refrigerator... Bam... Elk Handles Spectacular.  If you want to showcase some larger antler handles these are the ones.  These are engineered and designed to meet your installation needs, whether the doors are side by side or three door with horizontal door/drawer.  I can do antler sections, whole singles, dramatic sets, and even large antler artwork handles.  Each Elk shed antler is selected and handcrafted to mount solid and to hold up to the daily use... this is a big task and no two are alike.  Shed Elk is typically used, but Red Stag, Fallow deer and  other species can be styled.  Whether for a interior double doors, for Sub Zero or Whirlpool, I will design/sketch simple to complex to meet your style needs, send me an email for design quote.  These are all special order... these will put you large doors over the top.
Section elk handles from 60.00ea to 125.00 (smaller), 125.00ea to 225.00 (larger)
Whole elk antler handles from 225.00ea and up, Whole elk sets from 475.00 and up, Large Elk Artscaped Handles 500.00ea and up
Email me to discuss these
*If you are interested in another antler type i.e. Fallow deer, let me know...

   Elk cut for 3 door refigerator   Elk Shed Antler   Whole Elk Antler Set   Whole Elk Set upright

   Hardened Brass Posts and #10-24 SS Screw   Elk Handle end view   Stainless steel screw in flush set post
    Custom hardened brass posts are permanently set deep into the Elk Antler, and are tapped for large heavy duty #10-24 Stainless Steel Screws

" V " Pulls -
It wasn't hard naming this style antler pull.  I can make these from Axis deer to Sika, from Mule deer to Whitetail.

   V Pull
  Sika Deer V Pull
V Pulls

Antler Knobs
These seemingly simple knobs, with uniform lines, and clean design are Zen.  The Antler Knob for the purest, who are looking for a natural touch without "too much"... here, form follows function.  These are cut from select antler, for color, texture, and size.  They are cut to even proportions, to achieve more uniformity.  The base and knob face are finished flat as glass, face edge slight beveled to remove the edge... the antler face, a window to the antlers core with striking contrasts. 

   stick pull   stick pull side
   Elk 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" wide
Antler Knobs

Antler Art - Antler Hardware
I left this style of antler hardware for last, because these are the farthest away from "Nature Made," that I love so much.  I do however have a creative side that likes to use antlers as an art medium, challenging Antler Art Design limits while maintaining the standards of lasting quality antler hardware.  Designing and creating just one piece, or complete sets.  I'd be more than happy to discuss the options here if you are interested in original works.  Here is just a peek at what I can do... serious inquiries only, please.

       6-1/2" Axis Tine Handle with Gecko relief carving     Close-up of Gecko relief carving                 Tine and Antler Pillar Handle     side view
        Axis Tine Handle w/ Gecko relief carving                             Tine and Antler Pillar Handle...

                                                                                                                front pillar joinery     Back Pillar Joinery
                                                                                                                ... simple, elegant and rock solid joinery

Why not use screws directly into the antler?
Antlers are not hard all the way through, in fact the center mass can be airy and porous to a dark waxy pulp and this can make screws fail under stress.  I found that screws into antler were inconsistent and unreliable, and prone to lose hold, strip and pull out... it also makes tightening, removal and/or re-mounting a weakening or failing venture.  Once stripped, the need for a larger screw... larger hole... and repeat.  This undesirable discovery lead me on a quest, a quest to find the best way to support and securely mount antler while preserving the antlers natural beauty.

My Quest to Produce the Best Antler Hardware

I didn't need to re-invent the pull/knob or handle, I just needed the best components; whatever wasn't available, I designed and made myself.  After testing many prototypes and improving on tolerances, I finally achieved the best antler hardware I could produce.  Custom made antler hardware that will easily stand up to daily use, and abuse.  Beautiful antler cabinet hardware that can be removed and re-installed without any loss to the integrity.  All saw cuts and sanded surfaces are finished to perfection, smooth as glass.  Antler hardware that begs to be held, and that owners can count on to last...a very long time; and this will save you time, money and from big disappointments.
By producing my own precision threaded hardened brass posts, I am able to design antler cabinet hardware and support any species of shed antler available.  I am able to customize and meet customer design requirements, such as size/length/width and post/screw spacing (for antler handles), the possibilities are endless.  If you have special design requirements, or looking for a custom drawer pulls for that special dresser, email me the details and I will be glad to help you...

To Place an Order
- If you wish to email/send me with your order, I'd be happy to serve you personally and can process your order through PayPal.  You can also make direct purchases here.  When you wish to make a selection, click the drop down menu button to select the size/style, then just "add to cart"... you will see your "shopping cart" with your item/items.  Here you can enter the "quantities" if you wish to have more than one, this also includes treatments like "enhancing."  When you have completed all your selections, "proceed to checkout" and you can securely confirm your order with a credit card.  I can usually complete/ship within a week or two.  We also accept personal checks, cashier checks and money orders by mail... let me know if you wish to confirm your order this way.  Free Priority Mail shipping for Antler Hardware Orders over $200.00 in the US.

With all Antler Hardware Orders - Please let me know the "actual" cabinet door/drawer thickness, this way I can send you the correct length screws to insure a trouble-free installation.  You can enter this information in the "notes" area in PayPal, or just send me an email.  It's okay if you are not sure, I will send standard length screws... these screws can be found most/any hardware stores in different lengths.

If you have any question or wish to discuss your needs or ideas, please email me it will be my pleasure,
Kevin Lee